Twilight hawker market revisited

By now most would have read or heard about the overwhelming success of the first Twilight Hawker Market, a part of the Eat Drink Perth festival. If you haven't, now »

March madness

I'm sure most people know or have a friend, who's really nice but set in their ways and a little resistant to change. And meeting up again after having not »

Breaking the drought: 2010 wrap up

Oh hi! It's a little dusty and neglected in here. Please, make yourselves comfortable while I clear the cobwebs and straighten the furniture. Poor little blog, it had a promising »

Anticipation: food, wine & a jolly good show

Update: My tickets and event passes arrived in the mail on Friday. Excitement builds! In just under a month, the Perth leg of this year's Good Food & Wine show »

Midweek brekky @ Cantina 663

Taking the opportunity of having the car for the day and a sizeable slice of time before running errands, I headed down to Cantina 663 for a spot of breakfast »

Barista jam pictures

Driving along in unfamiliar teritory, in the dark, trying to find 145 Stirling Highway was not an easy task. And one that was complicated by occasional driving rain and trecherous »